"The Lady & The Dog"


Currently appointed as and sponsored by Sony Malaysia as their Alpha Professional Photographer, I see the world as a living canvas, with her inhabitants as its heart, pulsating with time....giving meaning to the word Life.


“I see myself not purely as a photographer, but as a connection between the images portrayed and the audience that views them. Photography is my chosen medium as that bridge, allowing the beauty in our world to reach out to others.“

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really admired your street photography photos.
superb superb...bro
3.DonAskMe mICHAEL(non-registered)
Very nice website... let me learn a lot skill and story tell me all the seeing through by Lens
2.EC Tong(non-registered)
Awesome indeed :-)
1.Lee Hong Leng(non-registered)
Yr Pictures - 'Spectacular' is the Norm word to describe them.....